The General Services Administration’s (“GSA”) Schedules Program, also known as the Federal Supply Schedule Program, was initiated by the Federal Government in an effort to simplify the process of acquiring needed goods and services. This Program was highly successful to the point that it is now the favored purchasing mechanism used by Government buyers. A Federal Buyer who elects to use the more traditional procurement method of putting an opportunity out for public bid has to wait upwards of one year before an actual contract is executed. In contrast, a Schedule Purchase can be effectuated in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.

A Schedule Contract is a five-year contract containing three, five-year renewal options. In total, if the Government were to exercise all three options, the term of the contract would span twenty years.

Once a particular Schedule Contract is awarded, the successful vendor is placed on a list of approved suppliers for that particular Schedule. Federal Agency Buyers can then order from a vendor using GSA Advantage, the Government’s online “shopping mall” for GSA Schedule products and services.

Unlike a Public Procurement, competition in the GSA Schedule arena is significantly less because (i) a buyer need only procure three quotes from GSA Schedule Holders prior to making a purchase, and (ii) the three prospective vendors’ contract pricing is pre-determined.


The U. S. Government is the largest purchaser of good and services in the world.   Each year they let more than $400 billion in contracts.  In 2008, the contracts  awarded to pre-qualified company's on the GSA Schedule totaled:

  • Sch 084      (Law Enforcement & Security)    $2,553,437,682
  • Sch 03FAC (Facility Maintenance & Mgmt)        203,180,402

State and Municipal Governments have followed suit in recent years, and privatization has become the norm.  Most procurements are now in the form of a Request for Proposal (RFP), which requires the offerer to submit a detailed Technical Proposal, Cost Proposal, and an Oral Presentation.  Contracts are then negotiated as a result of the evaluation of the proposal.

We have the experience and expertise to locate new opportunities, prepare the Technical Proposal, conduct the Oral Presentation and assist in the negotiations.

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