JT provides the following services to it's clients so they may become an approved GSA Schedule Holder:
• Secure an Open Ratings Report
• Complete the Application
• Write the Technical Proposal
• Prepare the required Spreadsheets
• Conduct negotiations with the GSA Contracting Officer
• Negotiate the final agreement

After award JT will:
• Submit your data to the Schedule Input Program (SIP)
• Publish your approved Price List on GSA Advantage
• List your credentials on “e-buy” (to be reviewed by Government Buyers)
• Create and set up a Marketing Plan to reach the 18,000 Buyers and                 Contracting Officers
• Conduct Seminars with Sales Staff and Branch Managers
• Provide a listing of Names, addresses & e-mail of all Official Buyers
• Begin the process of obtaining Security “Secret” Clearance


Provide a complete service designed to acquire Federal, State and Municipal contracts.

  * Identify and secure new contract opportunities
  * Evaluate, research and recommend the feasibility of
    pursuing a contract
  * Attend the pre-proposal meeting, when required
  * Gather all information necessary for the Technical Proposal
  * Submit questions and clarifications to the Contracting Officer
    and the FOIA Officer
  * Prepare and create the Technical Proposal in full compliance
    with Sections L & M of the RFP
  * Prepare an outline for the Cost Proposal
  * Develop a plan for the Oral Presentation
  * Attend Oral Presentation with corporate team
  * Negotiate final contract